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About Us

Kitchen Plus has been manufacturing kitchens all over New Zealand for over 10 years. Our showroom is centrally located in Auckland Mt Wellington, and is easily accessible from the main State Highway One.


Using high quality, locally sourced materials and our own talented designers and, experienced craft workers we work with you from design to construction to build the perfect kitchen.


We provide great quality kitchens at affordable prices in New Zealand.


We offer a innovative range of products to suit all tastes and lifestyles. We aim to enhance our customers' experience through a knowledgeable, friendly service and an environment of trust, by delivering a product that fits their requirements making their dreams a reality.


Our advantages are efficient, quick and budget


From the day of a final confirmed kitchen order, you can have your fabulous new kitchen delivered in 10 working days.


Other services we proudly offer:

* Custom Cabinets

* Bathrooms

* Wardrobes

* Garage Cabinets

* Commercial Cabinets

* Countertops


We are delighted to provide you any cabinets. We are delighted to service you in the future.